Everyone Love Solar

July 20, 2018

John Rogers at UCS provides a short summary of a new survey that shows that everyone (well almost everyone) loves solar.

What's Next for Clean Energy in Massachusetts?

July 13, 2018

This is a re-post with permission from John Rogers at Union of Concerned Scientists - and was originally posted on the UCS Blog.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives is moving on clean energy, and that’s really important. Here’s what’s noteworthy about yesterday’s votes, and what should happen next.

Net metering strikes back

July 10, 2018

In the cutting edge of renewable energy, many states are experimenting with regimes to replace, limit, or reduce net metering—the bedrock policy that enables roof-top solar by allowing homeowners to reduce their bill 1-to-1 for every kilowatt hour of electricity they produce. These new efforts, sometimes known as net metering (or NEM) 2.0, are still in the early stages.

Senate passes ambitious renewable energy legislation

June 22, 2018

On Thursday, June 14th, the Massachusetts Senate unanimously passed a bill- S.2545- in a decisive bi-partisan message to the House. The bill includes almost everything a renewable energy advocate could hope for. 

Supporting a Clean Energy Future

June 14, 2018

The Senate is voting today on important legislation for our renewable energy and climate future.  Please call your Senator today and ask them to support this bill and the following amendments. Here is a short summary of MassSolar’s recommendations.  

Lawmakers Call on DPU to Reject Harmful Cap on Solar Credits

June 13, 2018

A bipartisan coalition of Massachusetts House and Senate lawmakers formally raised concerns to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) about the future of clean energy under the state’s new Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program.

Sixteen senators and 63 representatives delivered a letter to DPU Chair Angela O’Connor to show support for expanding access to solar energy across Massachusetts while raising concerns about a utility-backed proposal to cap the amount of credits that community solar customers receive on their bills.

DPU rules against smart meters in a win-win for Eversource

June 9, 2018

The DPU decided that Eversource isn't required to install smart meters because communities are increasingly going with Community Choice / Municipal Aggregation. Yes, you read that right. 

For those of you not following the success of the Community Choice Aggregation programs in Massachusetts, there are now over 100 communities that have implemented a Community Choice program. Boston has voted to approve a Community Choice program, but has not yet brought their program online. 

Solar First in New England - Day Time Demand Lower than Night Time Demand

May 5, 2018

Two weeks ago, on April 21, 2018, the right combination of sunshine and mild weather led to light consumer demand on the high-voltage electric power system, coupled with record-high output from the more than 130,000 solar power installations in the region. 

The result was that midday grid demand dipped below overnight demand for the first time ever in New England.

Clean Energy will ensure New England's grid reliability for years to come

May 3, 2018
Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) has released a joint report, Understanding ISO New England’s Operational Fuel Security Analysis, which demonstrates that New England is already on track to ensure a reliable electric power system during even the coldest winters. 
According to a revised and corrected analysis by the ISO at the request of stakeholders, and contrary to its initial findings just a few months ago, there is virtually zero risk of rolling blackouts in the winter as long as the New England states contin

Joint statement highlights poor policy and precedent in recent Eversource rate case

April 9, 2018

Today, Acadia Center, Health Care Without Harm, MASSPIRG, Vote Solar, and 53 other organizations released a joint statement pointing to serious concerns over decisions by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) in Eversource’s recent electricity rate case. These decisions are inconsistent with the consumer-friendly clean energy future that Massachusetts is striving for.


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