Shared Solar: Helping local nonprofit focus funds on mission in Gardner, MA

December 20, 2015

GAAMHA, Inc. is a crucial provider of services for adults with disabilities in the town of Gardner, Massachusetts. As with many nonprofits, GAAMHA’s budget is tight, and every dollar counts. In 2014, their electricity rates were increasing so rapidly the organization feared the costs would overwhelm their ability to deliver services—services the community counts on for individuals in need.

To State Lawmakers: Raise the Cap and Prioritize Interconnection

November 10, 2015

Solar advocates in Massachusetts are urging state lawmakers to raise the net metering cap before the upcoming Thanksgiving recess.

Net metering is a program that compensates solar users for the excess clean energy they produce.

The Case for Going Solar

March 5, 2015

With the retirement of coal plants, like the Mt. Tom and Brayton Point facilities, and the closing of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, Massachusetts has the opportunity to rethink its energy future.

As public officials, utilities, and the public evaluate the best long-term investment strategies to meet Massachusetts’ future energy needs and power our economy, they should remember that we have an abundant source of clean, local energy that literally falls from the sky.

How Community Solar Is Finally Addressing Clean Energy's Equity Problem

March 4, 2015

It is no secret that the residential solar market is booming. Declining panel prices, the rise of third-party PPAs, and the spread of the Solarize model—these are familiar storylines to anyone with a passing knowledge of the solar industry. And those of us with a passion for clean energy are more than happy to share the good news.

Happy Valley Organics: Solar Installation and Agriculture Partner to Make a More Sustainable Business

February 24, 2015

Happy Valley Organics. The name conjures great imagery in both lifestyle and nutrition. One could picture rows and rows of multicolored field vegetables, tractors tilling long straight rows of bright green kale or seasonal farm workers adding their rich cultural handprint to our food cycle. Truthfully, that would be a fairly accurate image. But what about photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), watts per meter squared (W/m2) or Daily Light Integral (DLI) lighting? For Happy Valley Organics that is the language of their extensive greenhouse operation.

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