MLP Solar Rebate Program Launches

May 17, 2019

On May 14th, the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) announced it had awarded $2.3 million to Energy New England (ENE) and the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Cooperative (also known as MMWEC) to offer a rebate program for the installation of small scale solar photovoltaic systems in certain Municipal Light Plant (MKP) service territories. ENE and MMWEC will act as program administrators for the MLPs that they represent and together are representing 36 MLPs and the 45 municipalities they serve. 

In its own words: DOER always intended SREC I projects to be eligible beyond 40 quarters

May 7, 2019

As noted in yesterday's post, DOER is proposing to shorten SREC I eligibility for existing solar projects.

DOER's 400 MW SMART program review

May 7, 2019

After a long delay, the SMART solar incentive program finally launched this past November.  A backlog of projects quickly ate up much of the program's capacity and triggered a 400 MW review process provided for in the regulations. Among other things, the 400 MW review provides an opportunity to make improvements to the program and resolve matters that weren't anticipated while the program was under development.

Shortchanged: DOER proposes to cut SREC I eligibility period for existing solar projects

May 6, 2019

Through a recently issued notice, DOER announced its intention to change the eligibility rules for existing SREC I solar projects.  Specifically, DOER is proposing to change current regulations so that solar projects can no longer generate SRECs after the first 40 quarters in which they are eligible.  DOER is labeling this change as a clarification of the regulations when, in fact, it is a substantive change of the program's rules.

For our environmental future, Gonzalez is clear choice

November 6, 2018

This opinion editorial first appeared online in CommonWealth magazine.

WHAT WOULD IT take to really tackle climate change and move the Commonwealth to a clean energy future? What would real leadership look like? Leadership that recognizes the immense cost of delay and the enormous economic opportunities of breaking our fossil fuel addiction?

Google's new goal: 100% renewable energy 24/7

October 29, 2018
  • Google issued a white paper Wednesday examining the energy used to run its data centers, concluding that while it has purchased 2.6 GW of renewable capacity, more than sufficient to cover its demands for clean energy, the resources are not fully aligned with when the electricity can be deliv

Bringing Energy Storage to Energy Markets

October 29, 2018

Mike Jacob's original post is available on UCS's website.

Going Nuclear or Going Solar?

August 13, 2018

That is the question a lot of folks are asking after the announcement from Southern Company that its share of the Vogtle Nuclear Power plant construction costs had just increased from $7.3 billion to $8.4 billion.

You have probably seen headlines like this – Vogtle costs go up by $1.1 Billion

The truth is that Southern Company owns 45.7% of the Vogtle nuclear plant  – so the $1.1 Billion number quoted in the headlines is only their 45.7% share of a total $2.4 Billion cost overrun. 


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