Everyone Love Solar

July 20, 2018

John Rogers at UCS provides a short summary of a new survey that shows that everyone (well almost everyone) loves solar. Which makes it all the more confusing why the Massachusetts House has not yet moved the bill to lift the caps on solar net metering (H.4577) to the floor for a vote. 

Please consider using this information in your calls to the Governor and to House leadership to let them know the urgency of moving solar legislation forward this session. We still have a few days left for them to take action. 

From John's article... 

The survey, from the Pew Research Center, had a lot of fascinating findings about the surprisingly high levels of agreement among Americans on a range of environmental issues, with strong majorities saying that the federal government is doing too little on water quality, air quality, and climate change.

What really caught my eye, though, were the pieces specifically dealing with energy. The numbers on public support for expanding different energy sources, in particular, are stunning (figure 1).

Think about that: 9 out of 10 adults in this country agree that more solar farms would be a good thing.

 Majority of Republicans and Democrats Support Solar

Strong Public Support for Solar and Wind