April 2016

Massachusetts Should Boost Renewable Targets

April 26, 2016

Massachusetts House Leaders are currently drafting an omnibus energy bill to secure new supplies of electricity as much of the region’s fleet of aging nuclear, coal, and oil power plants are now set to retire. Any proposed energy legislation should achieve three key goals.

Does net metering shift costs?

April 17, 2016

Utilities and other anti-solar forces are fond of the claim that net metering shifts costs between solar users and non-solar users.  The gist of this claim is that solar users are freeriding and not paying their fair share of distribution system costs, relying on non-solar electricity users to pick up their tab.  Is there any turth to this claim?  

Solar Legislation Signed

April 14, 2016
  • Governor Charlie Baker (R) on Monday signed into law a compromise bill lifting Massachusetts' solar net metering cap and lowering remuneration rates for large-scale systems.
  • Baker's approval comes after months of contention over solar policy, including two competing bills from each house of the state legislature. The compromise bill was passed out of a joint legislative committee last week set up to reconcile differences between seperate proposals from the House and Senate. 

Can We Save Boston and Cambridge?

April 3, 2016

Can we save Boston and Cambridge?

This is an important question to be asking our legislators.  

What is it going to cost to have huge amounts of Boston and Cambridge underwater?

What are the implications for Massachusetts if Logan Airport is unusable? If Storrow Drive and our T stations are submerged? 

What happens to our educational legacy if Harvard and MIT have to move?