Solar is What the People Want

Solar power is working for families, communities and businesses all across Massachusetts

VOTERS want solar power:

  • Massachusetts voters already believe in solar — in 2013 nearly 70 percent of Massachusetts voters say solar is important to the economy, according to a poll from the Solar Energy Industries Association. 
  • And voters want more: 60 percent of voters in that same poll supported the Commonwealth’s ambitious goal to reach 1600 MW of solar power. A 2015 MassINC poll showed that 85 percent of voters favored increased incentives to encourage individuals and businesses to generate their own renewable energy.  
  • In a poll by the Worcester Business Journal, 65% of respondents supported raising net metering caps.

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS want solar power:

  • A majority of small business owners, 56 percent according to a national poll, believe we need continued investment in renewable energy like solar power to keep costs under control.  
  • Over 500 small business owners in Massachusetts have signed on to a letter asking Governor Baker to support more solar in the Commonwealth.
  • Massachusetts’ more than 1,400 solar companies themselves represent a huge economic engine, and support almost 15,000 jobs.

CITIES AND TOWNS want solar power:

Who else wants solar power? EVERYONE:

  • More than 180 schools have installed solar power in Massachusetts, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
  • Affordable housing developments use solar power to keep rent and electricity costs down for their low-income tenants.
  • More than 145 farms in the state have solar power.
  • We’re already generating enough solar power to power more than 228,800 homes … but we need to do more.

Why are all these people and businesses standing up and asking for more solar power?

Because they know it is the state’s best source for the clean energy we need to combat global warming and keep our communities healthy. They know that it will save their families and businesses a lot of money on their utility bills. And they know that the solar industry is creating thousands of jobs and investing millions of dollars in the state’s economy.