May 2018

Solar First in New England - Day Time Demand Lower than Night Time Demand

May 5, 2018

Two weeks ago, on April 21, 2018, the right combination of sunshine and mild weather led to light consumer demand on the high-voltage electric power system, coupled with record-high output from the more than 130,000 solar power installations in the region. 

The result was that midday grid demand dipped below overnight demand for the first time ever in New England.

Clean Energy will ensure New England's grid reliability for years to come

May 3, 2018
Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) has released a joint report, Understanding ISO New England’s Operational Fuel Security Analysis, which demonstrates that New England is already on track to ensure a reliable electric power system during even the coldest winters. 
According to a revised and corrected analysis by the ISO at the request of stakeholders, and contrary to its initial findings just a few months ago, there is virtually zero risk of rolling blackouts in the winter as long as the New England states contin