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Selected Reports and Publications

Massachusetts Climate and Energy Visions

Solar Policy

Cost and Benefits of Solar

A growing number of studies show that the benefits of solar far outwiegh the costs.  A comprehensive list of those studies is available here but we've posted some of our favorites below.

The Grid and Utility of the Future

Federal and State Solar Tax Issues

Both federal and state tax policies implicate and influence solar development. Several of these policies are influx, set to expire or creating a great deal of uncertainty in the solar market. The resources in this section provide an overview of these issues.

Federal Tax Issues

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): The ITC is a 30% tax credit for residential and commercial solar systems. At the end of 2016, the ITC will expire for residential systems and decrease to 10% for commercial systems unless Congress passes legislation to extend it. If you want to learn more about the ITC, take a look at this overview

State Tax Issues

Property Tax Exemption: Massachusetts law that exempts certain solar systems from property taxes. Interpreting the law, however, to decide which solar systems are exempt and which are not, is easier said than done. 

Briefings and Factsheets

Webinars and Trainings

  • Webinar: Designing Distributed Generation Tariffs Well, May 2014.
  • Training: Twitter 101, MassSolar, November 2014. Download recording.
  • Training: Twitter 201, MassSolar, February 2015. Download PPT.

Massachusetts Government, Agency and Solar Program Websites

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