DOER's 400 MW SMART program review

May 7, 2019

After a long delay, the SMART solar incentive program finally launched this past November.  A backlog of projects quickly ate up much of the program's capacity and triggered a 400 MW review process provided for in the regulations. Among other things, the 400 MW review provides an opportunity to make improvements to the program and resolve matters that weren't anticipated while the program was under development.

While we're still waiting for the 400 MW review to formally begin, the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has informally engaged with solar industry stakeholders to discuss a range of issues with the SMART program and potential solutions.  Last month, MassSolar and others sent a letter to DOER that outlines potential changes and improvements to the SMART program, including a request to expand the program from the current 1,600 MW to at least an additional 3,200 MW.

Much work remains to be done to ensure the SMART program is able to achieve its goals of maintaining and expanding a diverse solar market, providing equitable access to solar (especially low-income residents), and lowering emissions.  MassSolar is hopeful that DOER listens to the solar industry's concerns and implements solutions to address them.

Read MassSolar's letter to DOER here.