December 2015

Shared Solar: Helping local nonprofit focus funds on mission in Gardner, MA

December 20, 2015

GAAMHA, Inc. is a crucial provider of services for adults with disabilities in the town of Gardner, Massachusetts. As with many nonprofits, GAAMHA’s budget is tight, and every dollar counts. In 2014, their electricity rates were increasing so rapidly the organization feared the costs would overwhelm their ability to deliver services—services the community counts on for individuals in need.

Worcester Green Low-Income Housing Coalition: Solar sustains social safety nets in low income communities

December 10, 2015

When homelessness and housing instability expanded during the Great Recession, a group of low income housing and service providers in Worcester came together to figure out how to meet the increased need for assistance at a time when the funding available to provide support was in decline.  The solution?  Solar and other energy-saving, cost-reducing strategies.