House could move on net metering caps soon

October 26, 2015

Encouraging news on net metering caps (see below)!  It looks like House action on the matter could be imminent. Thanks to everyone who has called or e-mailed their legislators in recent weeks.  Your efforts are making a difference!

We need to keep up the pressure!  We hope you'll join us on October 29th for a legislative call-in day.  Click here for more details.  It's important to flood the State House with phone calls that day so legislation raising net metering caps is passed before the Thanksgiving recess.

As reported by the State House News Service:

House Speaker Robert DeLeo indicated Friday that the House would address the issue of the solar net metering cap separately from more comprehensive energy legislation that is likely to also speak to wind, hydro and other sources of renewable power. DeLeo, speaking to the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce on Friday morning, said he still wants to produce an omnibus energy bill "as opposed to breaking it up into various sectors," but acknowledged that there is a time sensitivity to tackling the solar cap, which has been reached in much of eastern Massachusetts causing some projects, according to advocates, to be stalled. "I'm well aware obviously that the energy legislation is probably going to be taking a little bit longer than I had expected and looks like it's probably going to extend intonext year," DeLeo said, according to an audio clip of his remarks to the chamber. "Because of that, I have asked the chairman of the committee on energy to make sure we take out of that bill so we can address it in a much shorter time issues relative to solar energy so we can take care of that more immediately this year and not next." An aide to DeLeo said the speaker hopes to pass a solar bill through the House before the break from formal sessions on Nov. 18.