The Terrifying Truth About Air Pollution

July 18, 2016

Think Boston has clean air?  Think again.

More than 2,000 people die each year in Boston alone from breathing air pollution from burning fossil fuels. That is the third worst death rate per capita from particulate matter pollution of all the major US metropolitan areas. 

Ask yourself and your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family if they know anyone who has died from a heart attack, stroke, lung cancer or has been affected by asthma, emphysema, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. The death rate in the Boston area from breathing fossil fuel emissions is higher than the death rate from all the deaths caused by murders, suicides, car accidents and opioid overdoses - combined. 

When we reduce our fossil fuel emissions, we are working on more than saving our climate - we are improving our health and our neighbor's health. We are saving lives - right now, today, here locally.  Now ask yourself if we are moving fast enough on solar energy.