Part 2: Taking aim at AIM's claims

November 10, 2015

AIM recently claimed that Massachusetts SREC prices are "out of line" when compared to the market price for SRECs in other geographies. 

That claim seemed "out of line" with reality, so we did a little research on SRECtrade's excellent website to find out the truth. It appears AIM was quoting prices from the SREC I program which has been closed for over a year. Those rates are not available to new solar projects. 

What we found is that Massachusetts and New Jersey's SREC prices are currently exactly the same price this month. And New Jersey has by far and away the largest SREC market in the country. 

The effective price for Massachusetts SRECs is actually 13% lower than New Jersey's SRECs after accounting for Massachusetts SREC factors, making our current SREC price per kWh about half of AIM's claim.