Part 1: What AIM and the Utilities Aren’t Telling You About Solar

November 9, 2015

The utility companies and the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) are claiming that solar power incentives will “siphon” huge amounts of money from ratepayers over the next ten years.

What are they not telling you?

Solar power is a crucial investment in our power infrastructure with a huge payoff.  Look at the math below from this official state report[1] to see how a strong solar program will save Massachusetts ratepayers more than half a billion dollars in the coming years.


These numbers don’t even account for the health benefits of reduced pollution, or the larger economic impact of our state’s vibrant solar industry. Why are AIM and the utilities hiding these numbers?

Because they are trying to stop Massachusetts’s solar success, and are arguing against an immediate raise in net metering caps. Without a raise, our state’s entire solar industry could collapse, along with 12,000 jobs.

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