Maine study values solar at 33 cents per kWh

March 17, 2015
Solar installer prepares a Maine roof for solar panels Credit: Shawn Patrick Ouellette/ Portland Press Herald Staff Photographer
  • The Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has released a study valuing solar power produced in the state at 33 cents per kWh — or more than twice what most residents pay for traditional power, the Portland Press Herald reports.
  • The report finds that the societal benefits, which include environmental benefits and the avoided cost of carbon, are worth about 9 cents per KWh alone.
  • Avoided market costs are worth about 9 cents per KWh, and represent the benefits and costs associated with capital and operating expenses normally recovered from ratepayers, such as wholesale energy purchases and capacity.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine hailed the study as evidence the state must do more at the policy level to encourage solar.

The group said that while while the study found that solar power is valued at 33 cents, the study undervalued solar power by failing to account for reduced costs of the distribution grid.