Eversource's solar disinformation campaign

November 15, 2015

The utilities will say anything to get their way on net metering caps and solar.  Facts, it seems, are largely irrelevant. MassSolar has gotten hold of a PPT presentation Eversource has been shopping around at the State House to convince legislators to keep net metering caps in place.  The presentation is filled with inaccurate claims, half-truths and false information.  

If some of the slides in the presentation look familiar, that's because they are the same ones that AIM has used in recent weeks as part of its aggressive campaign against solar.

Why are the utilities and AIM resorting to dishonest such tactics?  Probably because the facts show that the benefits of solar far outweigh the costs and keeping caps in place is the wrong approach.

Fortunately, our friends at E2 have reviewed Eversource's presentation and taken the time point out where the Eversource gets it wrong.  Have a look and then tell your legislators.