AstroTurf: New 'Sustainable Energy' Coalition A Front For Gas Interests

February 26, 2018

Despite its green-sounding name, the Mass Coalition for Sustainable Energy represents companies who want to build more natural gas pipelines. On twitter they go by @massforenergy. Luckily they only have 27 followers so far - 3 of which are from National Grid including Marcy Reed.  

Funders of the front group include Eversource, National Grid, AIM, and Enbridge (they are the largest pipeline company in North America and bought Spectra Energy for $28B last year). 

To the untrained eye, the website for the Mass Coalition for Sustainable Energy looks like just another Massachusetts-based advocacy group. It’s not clear that the site is actually sponsored by major energy and utility companies seeking to build more gas pipelines in the region.

The members page lists a number of generic-sounding state business groups, including the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, The Business Roundtable and Associated Industries of Massachusetts. It doesn’t include the group’s other funding members – Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge, and the powerful gas-based utilities Eversource and National Grid. It’s also not readily apparent that the website is being run by the lobbying firm currently working for Enbridge as it seeks approval for its Atlantic Bridge Project in the state. Launched earlier this month, the coalition is the latest industry attempt to insert an astroturf campaign into regional battles over energy and pipeline infrastructure. Despite its green-sounding name, it is mainly advocating for a fossil fuel: natural gas.

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