June 2015

Utilities and AIM ignore solar benefits and exaggerate costs in Globe Op-Ed

June 29, 2015

It's easy to make solar look bad when you ignore the facts.  An Op-Ed authored by representatives of National Grid, Eversource and the Associated Industries of Massachusetts in the Boston Globe today tries to do just that.  The utility and industry authors exaggerate the costs of solar, completely ignore the benefits and call net metering a subsidy.

As net metering debate continues, report shows benefits of solar energy far outweigh costs

June 24, 2015

Solar panels deliver benefits to the electric grid and to society at large that are greater than the compensation their owners receive through net metering, according to a report released today by the Environment Massachusetts Research and Policy Center.

“Opponents of solar energy are trying to keep us in the dark, but today’s report will shed light on the truth about solar,” said Ben Hellerstein, State Director for Environment Massachusetts. “Solar is a good deal for our environment, our economy, and electric ratepayers across Massachusetts.”

Spread Solar on Facebook and Twitter for the Summer Solstice this Sunday!

June 19, 2015

This Sunday is the Summer Solstice and the #PutSolarOnIt day of action nationally. Join in and represent Massachusetts by solarizing your Twitter or Facebook profile. Let's make sure solar is on everyone's mind on this sunny day!

Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future

June 18, 2015

In the mid to late 1990s, Massachusetts restructured its electric utility companies in order to create a competitive wholesale electricity market. Restructuring required the electric utility companies to sell all of their generation assets and prohibited them from owning any generation except in very limited circumstances. The end result was that the electric utility companies in Massachusetts no longer generated electricity — they simply delivered electricity to customers and were responsible for maintaining the wires and equipment needed to do so. 

Massachusetts says raise the cap!

June 16, 2015

The Baker administration still does not support an immediate raise of the net metering cap despite overwhelming support across the state. A recent poll by the Worcester Business Journal shows that 65% of respondants support a raise in the caps. Massachusetts wants more renewable energy and wants to keep local jobs. Tell your government today that you support solar! Here is how to get involved.

ACTION ALERT: Tell the Baker Administration you support solar!

June 16, 2015

Despite overwhelming support for immediate action on the net metering caps, the legislature has yet to act and the Governor isn't on our side. We need to change this.

Vote Solar has written a petition to the Governor to tell him not to let the sun set on Massachusetts solar. We want to deliver this petition, by the thousands, to the State House in early or mid July. We need your help.