Spread Solar on Facebook and Twitter for the Summer Solstice this Sunday!

June 19, 2015

This Sunday is the Summer Solstice and the #PutSolarOnIt day of action nationally. Join in and represent Massachusetts by solarizing your Twitter or Facebook profile. Let's make sure solar is on everyone's mind on this sunny day!

Here are some sample posts:

For before Sunday:

This Sunday is the Summer Solstice! Celebrate the sun and #PutSolarOnIt by solarizing your profile picture: https://apps.facebook.com/i_like_solar/

For Sunday:

I'm proud that so many in my community have #PutSolarOnIt! #SolarIsWorking here in MA - is it working for you yet?

I hope your local schools and businesses have already #PutSolarOnIt, because in half of MA, net metering caps mean they no longer can!

This solstice, remember many in MA can't #PutSolarOnIt because of net metering caps! @MassGovernor @SpeakerDeLeo @SenStan- please act!