About Us

MassSolar is Working, Inc. (“MassSolar”) is a 501(c)(3) organization working to establish a renewable energy economy, ensure fair compensation for solar owners and provide equitable access to solar for everyone in the Commonwealth.  Contact MassSolar here.

Meet our Board

Mark Sandeen, President.  Mark is the founder of RePower Partners, LLC and is responsible for managing and developing RePower’s portfolio of solar energy projects. Mark has had the privilege of building and leading many high-growth, high-tech teams at Avidyne, Object Design and Intel. He is Chair of the Sustainable Lexington Committee and a member of Lexington’s Better Buildings, Community Choice and Solar Energy Task Forces. Mark also writes the monthly column, “All Things Sustainable,” for the Colonial Times Magazine. 

Claire Chang, Vice President. Claire is a well-known anti-nuclear activist and co-owner of the Solar Store of Greenfield with John  Ward in western Massachusetts. Over the last 10 years, their house built in 1874, has become an example of how we can live fossil fuel free. With dense pack insulation, double and triple pane  windows, pellet boiler with radiant floor heat, air source heat pump, 2 solar air panels, 4 solar hot  water collectors, 3.7kW solar PV system (1.2kW ‘07, 2.5kW ‘09), induction stove, and 2015 Nissen Leaf  are all part of the solution for a net zero energy footprint. 

Gregory Garrison, Treasurer. Gregory is the owner of Northeast Solar in Hatfield.  He became a member of the solar industry after working in the transportation industry for over 20 years. Standing on an airport tarmac in Orlando, Florida, surrounded by dozens of CO2 belching cargo jets, trucks and cargo vans, he realized that the planet could no longer sustain a fossil fuel based economy. Since that day, he’s focused his entrepreneurial talents on paying back his carbon debt through education, community action, conservation, and the installation of renewable energy systems

Emily Rochon, Clerk. Emily is a dedicated environmental advocate and attorney.  In 2013, she joined Boston Community Capital to help the organization increase access to solar in low income communities.  In October 2015, she relocated to Brussels, Belgium.  There, she’s expanded her focus to include advocating for progressive  solar and net metering policies in countries across the globe for Greenpeace International.

Haskell Werlin. Haskell is the business development director at Solar Design Associates, an international renewable energy engineering and architecture firm based in Harvard.  He believes Massachusetts can serve as a leader in mitigating climate change by enacting strong renewable energy policies, such as a 20% solar electricity by 2025 target.  Haskell was born and raised in Belmont.  He now lives in a solar-powered house in Jamaica Plain.