$500 billion and $5 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies

May 28, 2015

The International Monetary Fund has found that fossil fuels receive $500 billion a year in direct subsidies and $5 trillion a year in indirect subsidies a year. 

ACTION ALERT: Keep solar working for Massachusetts!

May 27, 2015

We need your help to keep solar working for Massachusetts!  Join our June 2nd Thunderclap. Click here to sign up or read below for more information.

Solar Power and Net Metering: Good for Ratepayers

May 21, 2015

Solar power is creating jobs, diversifying New England’s energy mix, cleaning our air and helping the region fight climate change. Yet many questions have been raised regarding the impact of solar on the electric grid and its fairness to non-solar utility customers and to all ratepayers. We should have a nuanced conversation about equity when discussing any source of energy, but at the end of the day, are solar and net metering—the way we buy and sell distributed energy in almost all of the United States—good for ratepayers?

The Extraordinary Waste Of Our Antiquated Electric Utility Business Model

May 11, 2015

Every year, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory publishes a graphic representation of energy flows in our economy. The most recent (above) shows that:

Tesla Batteries Cheap Enough to Prevent New Power Plants

May 7, 2015

Tesla’s Powerwall home battery has dominated energy news recently, but the real news was the price tag on its utility-scale big sister, the Powerpack: $250/kWh.

Utility Scale Powerpack Deployment

“There’s nothing remotely at these price points,” said Tesla product architect Elon Musk.

Massachusetts reaches halfway mark on 1600 MW solar target

May 7, 2015

A press release issued today by the Governor's office announces that Massachusetts has reached the halfway mark for the 1600 MW solar target.  This is great news!  Legislators need to raise net metering caps to ensure we can get the rest of the way.  The press release is included below.

Press Release

Solar community responds to release of Net Metering and Solar Task Force Report

May 4, 2015

The Net Metering and Solar Task Force wrapped up its work last week.  The final report, which includes a set of solar policy recommendations, was made public late Friday night.  A press release reacting to the report from the Mass Solar Coalition was released shortly thereafter.  The full text of the press release is included below.

Enabling Our Clean Energy Future

April 29, 2015

Dear Chair O’Connor and Acting Commissioner Burgess:


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