September 2015

Mass Power Forward coalition launched

September 17, 2015

100+ Environmental Organizations, Faith & Economic Justice Groups and Small Businesses Launch Coordinated Campaign to Fight for Clean Energy

How our electricity markets work

September 16, 2015

Ever wonder why we have a wholesale and retail electricity market?  What an RPS is and how it encourages renewables?  These and many other questions are answeres in a newly published document, Electricity Markets Primer, authored by the Conservation Law Foundation and the Boston Green Ribbon Commission. In ten chapters, this document aims to demystify how the New England's electricity markets work in a way that  lay people understand how it all works.

Massachusetts ranks 4th for solar installations in 2014, but inaction by state leaders could stall growth

September 3, 2015

A new report, Lighting the Way, released today by Environment Massachusetts shows that the Commonwealth remains a solar leader in the US but that leadership is threatened by the lack of action on net metering caps.  

IRS Rules Favorably on Owner’s Eligibility for Federal Tax Credit for a Community-Shared Solar Project

September 2, 2015

The IRS delivered some good news for homeowners that purchase a share in a local community shared solar system!  Individuals involved in these types of solar projects can take advantage of the 30 percent federal residential income tax credit.  Details about this September 1st ruling are below along with information about an upcoming Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) webinar on the topic.

According to a CESA press release: